Filmwochenende 14.03. bis 17.03.2013

38th International Film Festival: Are you ready?


Würzburg can do it too! Two weeks before Easter, film-lovers can dive into darkness and lose themselves in other worlds, in other times and dimensions. For those of you who find the bigger festivals difficult to navigate, the International Film Festival in Würzburg is the festival for you. For more than three decades, Würzburg has held its own in one of the most competitive markets worldwide and is one of the last remaining festivals in its age group to be solely run by volunteers.

This year, we have many surprises in store for you. Though we will screen more than 60 films from around the world, our focus this year is on Romania and Constantin Florescu, the talented actor from the highly-praised film, Wedding in Bessarabia, will be our guest. In addition to Romania, another highlight is our very diverse documentary section. Whether you’re interested in the "cold paradise" for big surf documented in Joel Conroy’s, Waveriders, or in Paul Watson’s battle depicted in Trish Dolman’s, Eco Pirate: The Story of Paul Watson, or in one man’s journey detailed in Ben Rivers’, Two Years at Sea, we have what you are looking for and more.

One guest just wouldn’t be enough, so, in addition to Constantin Florescu, we invited more than twenty other guests from around the world and are looking forward to hearing all they have to say. Guests at a film festival are truly golden for they allow us, the audience, to see cinema from a perspective often lost in our everyday cinematic expierence. Whoever thinks that only the big names go to Berlin, the Traviani brothers, winners at this year’s Berlinale, were in Würzburg representing their film thirty years ago. So, dear festival-goers, stay tuned. Who knows who you’ll run into on Würzburg's streets this year??!

Now that all is said and done, it’s up to you, to plan, watch, and enjoy. If you need a break in-between screenings, remember our lounge at Coworking across the street from CinemaxX (Veitsöchheimerstr. 14). The crew from Cairo has planned a venue that will knock your socks off; they will woo you with movies, music, food, drink, and wi-fi. Drop by, sit awhile, surf the net, have a coffee, join us! Did we mention that all events at Coworking are free of charge?

Looking forward to seeing you soon!